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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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in the city and county officials will be needing an hour from now to talk about what is next when this rhetoric is the flood stage. you have to wind and rain causing major problems for anyone driving the roads. we will show you a major accident. >> this is happening right now. a flash flood warning has been issued for napa and sonoma counties until 8:00 a.m. rainfall rates behind the very intent. >> in addition to the heavy rain, the winds are blowing very strong. i will take look at those coming up. s-sierra complete bay area news coverage continues. this is mornings on two periods and a good morning.
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this sunday, december 2nd. i am cloudy and warm periods in the the storm moved in late last night and it still hitting the bay area hard. right now we have live team coverage. allie rasmus is live on the napa river. urologist rosemary and chief meteorologist bill martin. though, what's happening? >> if you've been with us last hour or so, we've been talking about it. the heaviest rain moving through the bay area. we are seeing rainfall accumulations of an inch an hour. that's what you might find in a major tropical storm. what are the reds in novato and opt for the fairfield area. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for napa and sonoma county. that is going to last until 8:00 a.m. they are seeing gas or member earlier i mentioned the debris flow in windsor. these rainfall rates are moving south. what we just saw two hours ago or an hour and a half ago is heading south through the bay area.
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in the bay area i will put the motions. this whole area is tweaking through the bay area right now. you are seeing the heaviest rainfall rates we are going to see all the -- all day. a flash but warning is a big deal. when you're talking about it, it's a video. reports in the windsor area of some flash flooding or degree. those are from actual weather service people. we've got big river concerns as well. actually, right now we got allie rasmus on the napa river which is expected to crest in the next few hours. maybe perhaps a little bit above flood stage. accessory. all of this heavy rain and strong winds that we are experiencing. we've been here since 5:30 this morning. it hasn't let up since we got here. this is a natural river behind us. this runs through the downtown
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area. this isn't necessarily where the river is supposed to crest. again, as you heard, the forecast is this river and near the area of no avenue and lincoln avenue. that's where the river is supposed to reach the flood range. heavy winds and rain still falling right now. by this afternoon, to lend the river is supposed to reach flood stage. the river is supposed to overflow at st. helena. in order to deal with all of this, city emergency officials are going to be having a placing an hour and a half from now to talk to you next and the sweating happens. people in nablus has been collecting sandbags since yesterday getting ready for this latest round of rain. emergency officials continue to keep an eye on a lot of levels. flood stage for the server is 25 feet. once it reaches that, that's when you start to see flooding of some of the lower portions and some of the agricultural areas. 5 miles north of the city of
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nashville. there are some side streets here that could see some minor flooding problems. again, that's why you saw those folks getting things ready within 10 days, getting prepared for this next up. emergency officials are going to be meeting at 8:30 this morning. they are having a briefing. it's not open to the public but afterward they are giving us an update on whether preparations in arms is going to be when this river reaches the flood stage. at his forecast for later this afternoon. channel 2 news. >> what weather system is expected to bring between three and 5 inches of rain to the top hole area. the truck he river is likely to crest 4 feet above flood stage sometime this morning. some homeowners who live along the river are bracing for possible property damages. the red cross has set up an evacuation center for residents. again, live storm watch coverage all morning long for you. >> keeping an eye on the wind and the rain this morning.
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and when this is all coming to a close. >> good morning to you. having right now, alive with you. you can see just how strong the winds are blowing the water here. if you are out on the water any time soon, very dangerous. of course, he'd the warnings. driving over the papers as well as the richmond san rafael. this is a southerly wind, in most cases which means it hits right up against your car. these costs, the sustained when his 31. gusting to near 40. 50 miles per hour at sometimes. sfo has gone down just a bit reporting 26th of october. 18 miles per hour in san jose, 12 in areas right around palo alto. the winds continue as this for weeks through.
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rain totals anywhere one to 3 inches around the bay area. two to five for the north bay. 7 inches for some of the hills. we are tracking this for you. i will show you when we expect the rain to come to an end coming up. in the meantime, christian continues our team coverage in the richmond san rafael bridge. good morning. >> reporter: you have some really, really good vice earlier about taking it easy on the roadways here. we are here on the richmond five. just give you an idea of australian winds are blowing, you can see those flags whipping in the wind all the way at the far end of the tether. clearly, a great deal of wind. he has some video that we shot about a half-hour of all of that degree still on his side. it is coming eastbound from san rafael into richmond. the truck in the left-hand lane blew over at about 4:00 this morning. crews were here earlier with a
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record trying to get it off the bridge but it was so windy and decided simply to push it to the side, leave it there, and had drivers get through the area. for a while there was no eastbound traffic on the richmond san rafael bridge. it is now angling to one lane. if you are out on the roads, be careful. he did manage to catch up with a driver and talk to them briefly about what happened. >> it was the wind that got you. it does happen real suddenly? >> yeah. cnet you're doing okay? any advice for other drivers? >> be careful. >> clearly, dot out to our live shot, the driver was taken by the accident. he did not have a lot to say. coming back to our live shot, you see the rain coming down in sheet. not only are drivers having to
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contend with a high winds, which is certainly affecting high profile vehicles. the concern from the chp officer we spoke to was certainly to be careful on those roads. a couple of pieces of nonsense -- of common sense. keep your hands on the wheel at all times. number 2 in cell phones, no messing with the radio. he doubled him to the on the wheels at all times. the other thing is to go slow as possible. certainly, good advice when you're dealing with the conditions we are doing without here. we will continue to monitor the situation on the richmond san rafael bridge. we are live at the richmond san rafael bridge. channel 2 news. >> be careful out there. more than 18,000 bay area customers do not have power. weather-related outages have left more than 10,000 people in the
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dark. more than 3400 customers need power over 3000 in the saa cruz mountains and 2300 in the north they. crews don't know when it'll get everyone back online. >> the storm about the plagues. they will begin a program to control the flow of some flights beginning at 9:00 a.m. rivals could be delayed up to 70 minutes. low visibility delayed summer rivals by 2 hours yesterday. oakland and the san jose report no problems. if you need to sneak away from your tv, you can get complete weather coverage online and we have our storm tracker interactive radar right there on the home page for you. >> a new chapter unfolds in the legal fight over the shooting death of officer brent. he was killed by a police officer on the platform on new year's morning back in 2009. at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, to civil rights attorneys will argue before a federal appeals court.
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the police officers should not receive legal immunity. thorough judge ruled that the tissue go to trial. >> for people detained to a series of armed robberies. a news camera was on hand about 9:00 last night in oakland, of course, rendered her officers one by one. the suspects came out of a house and turn themselves in. before connected in robberies in which wallets and cell phones are taking. >> this is a big thing. >> it's for sure. but we are able to get some robbers off the street. this is good. >> the robberies occurring around interstate 580. >> time now is 7:10. as we've been talking about, we continue to monitor the storm in the bay area. >> was turned over to bill right now. you are just mentioning flash
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flood warnings. >> we've been talking at the breaks. this is a good deal. it's happening right now. up north, the heaviest winds of debris flow and flood warnings. a flood warning in effect for nasa and sonoma county for the next hour. that's a heavy rainfall event. that means it is flooding, it's eminent, or is occurring right now. it's a very -- when you hear that, it's a big deal. sonoma and napa county. what are we tracking? this is the area right here. you don't need the 2 k 4 it out. this is major rainfall that here. how do i know its major rainfall? well, it's yellow. this is the storm report. every time i look at it, i'm impressed. i'm going to appear. the first one i will get is a peer at windsor. now, this is where the system
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was an hour ago. it's 6:07. an hour ago it produced a debris flow in hillsboro. these are national weather service observers. we've got another one. we've got a nonvendor storm wind gusts to 58 miles per hour. what am i saying? we got really heavy rain moving through the bay area right now. some of the hideous rain we seemed in a long time. that's why the national weather service had a flood warning out. that's what's happening now. this is going to drain into the major rivers. the napa river expected to come to flood crest on monday. we are watching closely. right now we are engaging this. look over to the rivers and pay close attention to the river rises because it is a delayed action.
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rosemary is here right now. she is going to talk about the wins. she's going to talk about the progression of the storm as it moves through the bay area. >> you are right. it's happening right now touring through they area. was very messy out there. he really don't want to be out there if you don't need to be out there. we are caulking wins anywhere from 53 miles per hour, 43 at oakland, 48 at the airport, 38 in livermore, 24-mile hour river gods in san jose. lines are down. i'm sure debris scattered all over some of our local roadways. here's the forecast. there is some light at the end of the title. let me show you what happens. we've got to get through the worst of it first. dc heavy rain. one enters a falling per hour in some cases. that is not mine. through about 8:00 or so moving into the central baytown into the south bank.
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you see, there is that line still moving through the southern half of the bay area. fremont, san jose, down into morgan hill. we are dealing with scattered showers. look at the no-space. good afternoon, the possibility of partly cloudy skies. take a look of the afternoon highs. this is what we are waking up with. upper 30s and low 60s around the bay area. this is where we stay for the afternoon. a few scattered showers for the second half of your day. the winds die down, but we watch the rivers because this is when they are expected to crest violator afternoon into tonight and for tomorrow morning. your extended forecast, we are dry. partly cloudy skies, a few weeks systems may bring us a few showers. tuesday and wednesday is nothing like what we've seen recently. temperatures in the afternoon remain in the low to mid 60s. stay with us. we continue to track the storm at this hour.
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back to you. the city getting ready to hit the field. this morning that seems to trying to make sense of the death of one of their starters. >> super storms and a causing some hospitals to take a closer look at their own emergency preparedness. >> but first let's take you outside, once again. that is 280 in san jose. it is wet and messy out there. lots of problems throughout the roadways. the biggest problems on the bridges and in the san rosa area where lots of reports of flooding and spin out. be careful if you had to head out on road right now. time now is 7:15. you are watching mornings on 2. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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get chase liquid. >> a live look at the san mateo bridge. if you can see it, traffic in both directions going fairly slow. chp reporting flooding of 101
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northbound 92 interchange on the west side of the bridge. though martin is coming up with more in your forecast in less than three minutes. >> the kansas city chiefs will play today. the team learns the death of the altar. investigators say the 25-year- old shot himself after thinking his coach and general manager for helping him play in the nfl. he grew up on long island and one of his high school teammate says he's done. >> it was a shock to everybody. how could something like this happened customers that was the evidence of him doing things. i thought it was okay. >> authorities have not released a possible motive but satiate his girlfriend had been arguing. the two are survived by their
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three-month-old daughter. >> a large wildfire in the rocky mountain national park continues to grow this morning. firefighters say the fire doubled in size overnight and are blaming the high winds. 3600 acres have burned in nearly 600 homes have been evacuated. at least one cap and onto the ground. firefighters think it may have started from an illegal campfire in the park. >> one month later volunteers continue to work side along resident affected by super storm sandy. the cleanup is overwhelming. volunteers from operations less in international chip away at the huge mess. in the wake of super storm sandy, hospitals looking at their own disaster plans and covering their bases. the hospitals routinely test their preparedness. after the storm, officials are taking closer look at fuel and water supplies, how to handle crowd control, and the importance of finding volunteer help in the event of failed communication.
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>> if you've been with us this morning, rosemary is here. we are talking about the weather. this is one of the biggest weather warnings. fortunately, it's not on a regular commute. heavy rain and wind. as you look at this picture, the national weather service -- this is a big deal -- they've issued a flash flood warning for napa and sonoma county. it's only going to last for the next 45 minutes. it tells me this is a fast- moving storm. how else can i tell that? because it is why storm reports. it is right now moving through the central day. this is the area of concern. as it moves, it is causing flooding. we've had reports of debris flows up in the north bay. i just got the storm report in. trained observer with the flood conditions out of point range station. i can't tell you exactly where he is, but they have some flooding. this came in at 6:43 a.m. we talked about those to breed
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poses as well. i'm going to put this in motion. basically, moving this way. rosemary track it for you a bit earlier. the upside is it is going to get out of the area as we go into the next three hours. these rain bands are significant. the reports i'm getting from people through the facebook page at channel 2 in my own facebook page, we are seeing power outages. one of the most impressive ones i've heard is in the oakland area, a woman saying she could hear large tree limbs snapping. it is reported in getting right now are from the winds. people really notice that. a warning in effect for the next 45 minutes. then we concern ourselves with the major rivers. we'll see you back here and a little bit. more in a bit. >> san mateo county supervisor being remembered as a champion for the underprivileged. michael nevin was mayor of daly
7:23 am
city from 1984 to 89. he was credited with helping the elderly, children, and disabled. he graduated from san francisco city college in u.s. seven. he died at the age of 69. a body found in san francisco and police are investigating what could be a possible and run accident. police were notified yesterday morning of the body. a man said to be in his 40s or 50s flying on the southbound tracks at the rail station in china basin. authorities say his injuries were consistent with a vehicle collision. they are still investigating how it happened. >> a building in san francisco destroyed by fire. that fire started around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the zoo closed down to accommodate crews who needed to access the building. one firefighter was taken to the optional for smoke inhalation. officials say that fire does appear to be vicious. but pope also built in 1925
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and was closed in 1971. >> it has not been around for the past two years, but today the holiday train is back. when and where you can catch santa. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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and that we want to go over now at 7:25 to rosemary. first, we are going to talk about weather and we have seen the problems on the bridges, on the roadways, high winds. >> flash flood warnings. rosemary, what is happening? >> it's really coming down. take a look at that. they are displaying. trees are down this morning, power outages, damaging winds. gusts of 50 miles per hour at times. a southerly breeze, which means across the bridges, the high wind warning in place and blowing you around. take it easy up there. giving you a look here. there is some of the heavier rain. inches are falling per hour. with this run is where we see stronger winds as well. several areas.
7:27 am
winds damaged and several other areas reporting flooding down into and along the peninsula as long as -- along with the peninsula. this shifts to the south. as it does, we continue to track this for you. some of the heaviest wind with us through the morning hours and then tapering off. check out the current wind gusts. 37 reported at livermore, 44 in fairfield. you can bet this is blowing you around. you can feel it. you can definitely hear it if you can't feel it. giving you a look at what we'll see. the advisory lasting through about 10:00 this afternoon. definitely a possibility. already seen it this morning and will continue once we get into the afternoon. partly cloudy skies. we will be dry for monday. scattered showers in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday and dry on thursday. back to you. >> holiday train back after a two-year hiatus. the train is just -- is decorated with 60,000 lights.
7:28 am
santa will visit each station and you are asked to bring a new unwrapped toy to donate. the train begins his journey in san francisco at 4:00. >> stamper knows who it will play in the upcoming game. we show you some of the highlights from yesterday's game and let you know who the cardinals are going to face new year's day.
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in rivers or were in and people are on high alert as another storm pounds the bay area this morning. welcome back. it is sunday, december 2nd. >> we are also keeping an eye on the roads for you this morning. there are numerous travelers throughout the bay area. one northbound lane of interstate 280 has just reopened. the person died in a two vehicle accident. as we will show you, gusty winds are driving range and overturned a big rig this morning. chp is also reported flooded problems on highway 101. dallas take you outside and give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. can't really see the northbound power. a few cars out there. if you are headed out the door, two hands on the wheels as the
7:32 am
roads are very what this sunday morning. two people were transported to the hospital this morning after their car photo from the freeway. it happened in the northbound lanes of add in oakland near the high street exit around 3:30. authorities say the man and woman have nonlife threatening injuries. the male driver told chp officers that he fell asleep at the wheel. >> are so much coverage continues with christian cap in. he's live in richmond where trees are down and 2000 pg&e customers are without power. christian? >> reporter: we are here at the san rafael bridge. some of the goodbyes. keep both hands on the wheel. this is the approach to the bridge. you can see the rain coming down. if you look carefully, you see it coming through in sheets. that gives you a sense of how powerful the wind is blowing. those winds blowing traffic as they cross those bridges. we have some video of that big rig accident that microsoft and about that we shot about an hour or so of gold. it was still dark. it might be hard to see because the conditions were so wet.
7:33 am
the top of the driver of a foot over this morning. he's doing well. he said it was definitely the win. his advice for other truck drivers out there. certainly, take it easy. that accident shut down eastbound traffic for about a half-hour. it is not down to about one lane. chp guiding people through the area. we did talk with a chp officer who had goodbyes for anybody who has to be on the roads in these conditions. >> you want to be messing with the phone or you try to keep two hearings on the wheel. no messing with the stereo. no trying to eat while you are driving. it's going to cause some problems. >> certainly, no distractions when you drive. both hands on the wheel. take it easy and go slow. you can see here the fights are
7:34 am
working around in this win. you can see just how much wind and rain there is out here. traffic picking up. that's one of the reasons we are trying to reiterate the message about taking it easy on the roadways, especially if you are out on one of the bay area bridges. a lot of high wind up there this morning. a lot of rain. not only that wind to contend with but the rain making those roads slick. certainly, the advice for anybody on the roads, take it easy. focus on what you are doing. take extra precautions and? or so if you are driving on roads through the storm. ktvu channel 2 news. >> there are also problems in the late -- in the north bay. folks waking up due to power outages. new video shot earlier this morning. numerous trees and power lines down. sonoma county could receive up to 4 inches of rain today. the russian river is expected to flood tomorrow morning. people haven't been filling us
7:35 am
to invade. certainly, plenty of chatter amongst the folks about potential flooding. many people are choosing to wait to see what happens with the river today. >> everybody's talking about it. this is minor compared to how it has been. >> in 1986, the russian river rose to 49.5 feet, more than 17 feet above flood level. you will get as high as 32 and a half feet tomorrow. flood stage is 32 feet. >> volunteers of the salvation army bell ringers covering after a freak mall accident. a large chunk of sheet rock from the ceiling entrance fell on top of her. it happened outside jcpenney. the woman was taken to the hospital that should be okay. investigators are trying to determine if heavy rainfall caused the damage. the mall's owner says that the entrance is closed for repairs but the mall itself will remain open on this sunday.
7:36 am
>> are meteorologists here this morning watching this huge storm. let's start with bill in the weather center. it is booming out there. >> you both grew up around you. a video from the north bay area getting hit. they are getting hammered. you are seeing rain coming down. the streets of flooding in some places. rainfall rates coming up on some places other half inch per hour or an inch per hour. those are massive rainfall rates. what went through the north bay, they are getting a break. once it went through the north bay, it caused the national weather service to issue a flash flood warning. it's now moving into the most populated cities. this area moving through, you can see there is pictures in this area, but this whole line which is significant, this whole line is translating through the bay area as i speak. up ahead here, that's where we have the debris flows and the floods. they are getting a break right
7:37 am
now. they are taking a breather. if you are in santa rosa, we've had a number of folks say it is winding down. when this thing went through, debris flow, flooding, trees down, you name it. asterisk slides south over the next hour and a half or two hours, i would not be surprised if the national weather service started issuing some blood advisories from the san francisco or four maybe perhaps the flood warning for some of the areas. granted, i don't know what these are going to say. these are just popping in. wind damage and sentences go. over by the airport, wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. that is significant. wind gusts of 45 miles per hour in alameda. rosemary and i have been talking about this. i think we have a live camera we can show you. you look at the golden gate bridge. when you can see the rain on the railway like that, it's coming down. we are getting reports of ponting on the highways. if this was a morning commute,
7:38 am
can you imagine? >> it would be a complete mess. talking with chp on friday, which is really interesting, when all the wind is very dangerous and we are seeing very strong gusts at this time. one thing that the officer pointed out, which was really interesting to me, was that the wind actually blows the rain off of those roadways off the highways. it actually can create maybe a positive affect in some strange way. >> you mentioned this earlier. we have that big rig that overturned in the north bay. the bridges, like the richmond bridge, the san mateo bridge, they run east to west. as you pointed out, this is a south wind. it's hitting those bridges perpendicular. you get on those bridges that run east to west, we've got something going on outside. it's hitting the bay area. as you look at the golden gate bridge, you can actually see it moving. it's one of those mornings
7:39 am
where i keep pointing out, i don't think you want to go outside. heaviest rain on its way. the flood watch remains in effect. a big story is that flood warning in effect for the next 20 minutes. the good thing is it's only the next 20 minutes. with the weather service is saying is this thing is progressing. now it's moving to urban areas. >> is a fairly quick mover. areas like san francisco, petaluma all the porting wind damage. this continues as this front moves through the area. it leaves us by the afternoon. again, looking at widespread range anywhere from a half-inch to an inch falling with some of this heavier rain is the falling over parts of the bay area. we are tracking the russian river as well as the napa river. it looks like later today into the afternoon along the russian river, it will be to our morning. but the storm is setting on, we are looking a partly cloudy skies
7:40 am
and dry conditions. we will continue to track those rivers are you into the afternoon. mark will be here a bit later and he will be all over the situation as well. here are the current wind. napa reporting 13, oakland 31. mountain view is not too bad. livermore 23, fairfield 28. i have seen clocking winds of up to 50 miles per hour. these are significant winds. these winds will break large branches, take down small trees, topple those power lines. we are seeing power outages at this time. palo alto reporting 12. we are looking at winds gusting to 53 miles per hour in some cases right now. oakland reporting very strong gusts at times. we will continue to see the wind with along with the rain. once the heavy rain is gone, the wind will back off as well. we are into the 7:00 hour. by 8:00 or 9:00, it's pulling out. strongest winds with the strongest winning. i will try that system for you.
7:41 am
>> we are following breaking news out of san francisco where there is a huge power outage. power lines are down at 39th avenue. that is in the outer sunset district of the city. 8400 people don't have power because of the problems. crews are trying to fix it. we watch the situation and keep you updated radio. well, the bay area feeling the impact of a strike at the ports of los angeles and long beach. at least one cargo ship destined for southern california diverted to oakland overnight. it other than to oakland. a man watch -- a walk off the jobs. the news reporting expecting to get some more work. should there may be shipped to do oakland, but most of those are ones that normally make the call here anyway. >> contract talks for the clerk coworkers are set to resume this morning on the fifth day that's
7:42 am
right. basic terminal operators have outsourced local clerical jobs. the shippers say that's not true. the ports in los angeles and long beach are the busiest port in the state. >> raiders host the cleveland browns today. because the game is not assault, it will be blacked out on local tv. omar gaither will get his first start as a member of the raiders because their linebacker is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. there's a seven-year nfl veteran who signed with oakland a few weeks ago. the niners are in st. louis playing the rams in a rematch of that november 11th tied game that ended 24 all after a 15 minute overtime period. the nfl's first time in four years. it's also the game were alex smith suffered a concussion. calling cap and it came in to relieve smith and rallied for the tie. smith has been medically cleared to play but cap are natives of starting his third straight game. the niners kick off at 10:00 this morning. you can see the image here.
7:43 am
we end at 9:00 for you this morning to bring you the fox nfl sunday pregame show. stanford now knows who will play in the rose bowl. wisconsin routed nebraska 70-31 in the big ten championship game last day. an early 14-0 lead. the interception return for the touchdown. despite the win, wisconsin will be heavy. but the rose bowl on new year's day. >> still in the monism welcome for skiers and snowboarders, but it's also causing major problems. will cause many areas to shut down the slopes. >> and wildly outside for chp and bay area drivers. not sure what that is, but it is one and one in san francisco. a fatal wreck today. northbound to 80 around the east moor avenue exit. the conditions are dangerous. if you don't have to go, stay
7:44 am
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her daughter was this morning, it is a wet and windy morning. we do have advisories from the water up to the hills as well as along the coast. we continue to bring you the coverage this morning. >> the recent storm system has brought more than 30 feet of new snow too many tahoe ski resorts. several resorts had to shut down because of dangerous conditions.
7:47 am
slopes not opening because of high winds. sugar ball will stay closed because of december 7. heavenly ski resort at squaw valley plan to make decisions with morning on whether not to open. right now the focus is the rain in the bay area. >> chief meteorologist bill martin joining us now. as you said, you thought there would be a warning issued. here it comes. >> that urban and small stream flood advisory has just popped. that is in response to what happened in the northbay this morning. this weather system has been fairly rapid. it has dropped major amounts of rain. massive rain in the north bay. it's not as moving into the big urban center. san francisco, oakland. rainfall rates, reports of up to an inch per hour. that's what you find in the tropical storm or small hurricane. the national weather service is also just issuing for petaluma, and you know that area quite well, a flood warning. i'm assuming it's along the creek, but i don't have any more details.
7:48 am
i will dig that up. we had a flood warning for sonoma and napa county. that's in effect for the next 15 minutes. the urban and small stream flood advisory just went up. that could easily change into a flood warning as well for some of these urban centers. as you look at the roads right now, it is nasty. rosemary has been talking about the wins all morning. we are looking at a system that is packing quite a punch. it just moving into the urban center. let's take a peek now. the good news i guess is there's a couple things going on, as you know. there is the major rivers that we've been talking about. mark was talking about them last night. rosemary talking about them this money. the major rivers are a concern. but what happened. here's the drainage basin. the heavy rain has moved out of there. in this area, i have had reports of debris flows. i've have flooding. i had reports of significant rainfall. so now what happens is this area starts to drain into the river.
7:49 am
that is going to -- we are going to know how that river goes somewhere around four, five, 6:00 tonight and into tomorrow morning. the rivers are slow to respond, but the river that's not slow to respond is the napa river. as they get closer, let's go toward the napa river. it's expected to crest earlier this afternoon, maybe 1:00 or 2:00. we could see rises on that river above flood stage is as well. a significant event occurring in the bay area right now. but be back out one more time. again, i've been doing whether a long time. it's not often that you see a system moves through its kind of ferocity. this line right here is just moving into san francisco. >> doubling for jp right now. >> off the top of my head, i can't remember -- here's the thing.
7:50 am
it takes -- it's going to take a lot of rain to get up into blood. they've got a heavy rainfall rate. check out this line. this is a big deal. as this moves into one of our most populated cities, it's going to cause street flooding. it's going to cause issues with travel. with that reports of heavy wind in san francisco. in the next 15 minutes, san francisco is going to be hammered. the rain is coming down. the upshot is behind it you are getting a break. we are following it closely. irvine to small stream flood advisory just issue. flash flood warning in effect for the next 10 minutes for sonoma and napa. that goes away. i suspect we see more warnings and concerns coming from the national weather service in the next two hours. rosemary is working on some of the watches and warnings. she's got the latest on the system and how quickly it will track through the area. >> 7:49. turning to international news. nato says taliban suicide bombers attacked a coalition air base in eastern afghanistan.
7:51 am
it started two-hour gunbattle which included american health officers firing on militants. coalition forces say my militants died in fighting along with afghan security guards and for doctors who were headed to work and got caught in crossfire. the base is largely staffed with american forces but there are no reports of any americans killed. less than three hours ago he just called talk talk or suspended indefinitely by hearing to address new powers given to that country's leader. in a statement the judge decided psychological pressures in a climate filled with hatred. the judges fears didn't show up or thousands of protesters gathered. the judges were supposed to decide on the legitimacy of an islamic dominated assembly that rushed through the constitution sweeping powers to the new president. demonstrators accused the court of favoring former leader was new mubarak. japanese media reports the 2-mile, collapsed about 50
7:52 am
miles west of tokyo. rescuers were forced to temporarily stop their operations inside the tunnel because the structure was deemed unstable. at least seven people are still unaccounted for in the cause of that collapse is still unknown. >> the state department of social services it is investigating the case of a 16-year-old autistic girl who walked away from a residential treatment home in oakland and turned up days later beaten and sexually assaulted. the parents say she has the mental capacity of a second grader. she walked away from the fred finch center tuesday night. according to the ceo, the girl is followed by staff as she walked to the bart station where the staff lost sight of her as she was talking to a group of young men. a driver found her on a bus two days later in san francisco. dimmick detroit mayor is in san francisco to make good on his world series wager with san francisco mayor ed lee. the two mayors saw that the leader of the losing team with two or
7:53 am
economic ventures and perform community service in the winning team city. so tomorrow we again are going to tour a twitter. then it's onto at&t park for another tour along with 25 members of the junior giant program. >> maybe we should get a rake and go out to golden gate park and get some storm cleanup tomorrow as well. the storm is having an impact on bay area beaches. just how high winds are expected to get and how long it's expected to last. >> the vast and mysterious term is rumbling through the bay area at this hour. tracking flash flood warnings, window visors, and steady, heavy rain. the very latest coming up in just a moment.
7:54 am
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♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> the coast guard sending a warning for people who live near or who were planning on visiting the bay area beaches. that warning is in effect for the entire coast of california. it's a big waste -- a big wave expected to pound of beaches today.
7:56 am
that advisory is set to expire later tonight but people are being warned. this is not a good time to surf if you've got a small boat, keep it in the harbor. you do not have a out on the water because it's very dangerous conditions. >> that pulled up the fire department website. i'm looking at the fairfax creek death. it's a seven and a half feet. critical level is 7.2 feet. i mentioned to bill about other critics. let's check in with rosemary to see what happening. >> good morning. i live up attempting to give you a shot outdoors. this ability is tough this morning. the wind howling out there in the rain is really coming down. this is a fast-moving front. we are beginning to see it through the bay area giving you a live look here. look at the north bay beginning to see lighter amounts. still very steady but lighter amounts going on here. this continues to shift. as bill mentioned a moment ago, and advisories for our small creeks and streams.
7:57 am
anywhere from marin into san francisco, man -- san mateo. this will be the case through 10:00 or so. very heavy rainfall anywhere from an inch to 2 inches at times. we are very strong gusts picking up to nearly 63 miles per hour. right now the sustained wind in oakland is 32 miles per hour, 20 reported in livermore. the winds gusts anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour. 32 oakland, 28 half moon bay. it is really, really hard, i trust -- a tough guy. you want to take it easy. these are damaging winds. taking down trees, power lines, and flipped over a big rig earlier this morning. here's a look at some of the rainfall total to expect with the storm. santa cruz anywhere from three to 6 inches. perhaps 8 inches of rain expected for some of our hills. this is going to actually happen as we move through the morning hours. once you get past and into the afternoon, you are going to be
7:58 am
surprised at what a difference a few hours makes. we are in 8:00 hour. heavy rain falling over parts of the north bay. it's beginning to shift into the 9:00 hour. the later rain continues over the north bay. the heavier rain right over the central bay and into the south bay. we get into 10:00 and it's into the tail end of fremont san jose continuing in the morgan hill. 11:00 we are still dealing with scattered showers. this is a lot lighter. by the afternoon partly cloudy skies. we even see some sunshine today, if you can leave that. for the second half of the day, looking good. it is this morning until about noon time when we are going to be with some dangerous conditions as well. very strong winds and rain and flooding possibilities. into the afternoon, partly cloudy. that's when they are tracking the local rivers. they will continue to fill and perhaps cresting later today into tomorrow morning. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies and dry conditions. a few scattered showers. nothing like the last few
7:59 am
systems we've seen going through. partly cloudy skies expected on thursday. we continue to track the storm and bring you the very latest. >> thank you. the u.s. navy says its team of mine seeking dolphins is going to get some help from a machine. a 12-foot unmanned underwater vehicle shaped like a torpedo will come online in 2017 frame of the marine mammals for other duties. the dolphins, which takes seven years to train, will be used along with lions for port security and retrieving objects from the seafloor. >> 7:58. as we been telling you, the bay area getting pounded by the storm. we show you some of the damage and let you know how the roads are looking. that's when we come back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:00 am
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> the storm knocking out power throughout the bay area. we will tell you where the scene is happening right now. >> right now i am tracking a severe storm moving through the bay area. we've got flood warnings and flood advisories. this is a big deal and it's happening right now. to complete bay area news coverage continues. this is morning sun too. >> good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday, december 2nd. >> we have live team coverage for you this morning. we have allie masters. let's go right over to bill martin was watching all of this for us. >> it's been an interesting morning. we've been watching with his progress through the north bay. rainfall reports up to an inch an hour in some places. trees down, power outages. this is in the north bay. we know what's coming. it's hitting in the major urban centers. urban and small stream flood advisory issued by the national weather service. basically, for san francisco, oakland, san jose. we start seeing heavy rain here as we go into the next hour, especially in san francisco. both come in real close. i've been doing storm reports all morning. they work out pretty well. the storm reports give you -- bear a half trained observers on the ground. right now it's very interesting. this came in at 7:43. it's a report of flooding in
8:03 am
san francisco. it doesn't tell me what street they are on. you can kind of pseudolocation. let's take a peek. nonñ wind damage done by the ballpark. let's pack it out again. what we are tracking again is some significant rainfall moving into the major urban areas. this line of showers as they move through, they are going in this direction. it's going to light up. these areas here, this is significant stuff. this is really -- rainfall rates in here. half moon bay, you are hitting it maybe an inch per hour. we have reports of heavy, heavy rain coming down and getting that creep up to almost doubling its depth. we are seeing extreme rain rates in these cells. i'm going to back out one more time. we look at all of the cities. i really can't zoom in to on city because we are dealing with most of our urban population, a high percentage of it, wrapped up. san jose even starting to see some stuff. very heavy rain and heavy wind.
8:04 am
the rain is creating these issues right now, but delayed response is big rivers. the russian and the napa rivers. at or just above flood stage on monday. it takes a while to drain in. the napa river this afternoon could go to flood stage or just about. that's why we have allie rasmus up there right now. it looks like you are starting to get up right from the weather. >> i was going to pay for that out. the rain seems to be letting up just a little bit. the worst of it came through around 6:45 this morning where it was just sheets of rain coming through. now that you can see the trees are not moving. we are standing in veterans memorial park right next to downtown napa. you can see from those barricades, they have closed off this park. this is one of the spots that city officials are expecting to get some flooding a little weight of this happening. that's because it's right next to the natural river. next slide sushi a lot of debris being carried through here.
8:05 am
they told branches and blogs as the water level is pretty high here. in the napa river is expected to reach the flood stage of 25 feet this afternoon. that's the forecast. the first area hit is near oak hill avenue. it's a primarily cultural area 5 miles north. some of the side streets near lincoln avenue could also see minor flooding. of course, here in veterans memorial park, as we mentioned, it's also supposed to flooding. city officials have closed off access to the park to the public in case that happens later on this afternoon. back out your life, i want to show you the water levels here. you can see the fans that is usually lining the banks of the river. water is almost to the top of that. it's probably just a couple feet before the fence is completely inundated. you see all of these branches
8:06 am
and debris being carried along moving down the river next to us. at 8:30 this morning, just a half hour from now, city emergency officials meeting together for a briefing. they are going to discuss what they will do next, their response should be this river reached the flood stage. later this afternoon and later this hour we are hoping to hear from the services manager. talking a little bit more about what the preparations and what the response will be later this afternoon. channel 2 news. >> there's also major flooding expected near lake topol. that wet weather system expecting to bring between three to 5 inches of rain to the topol area and the river likely to crest 4 feet above that stage sometime this morning. homeowners are bracing for possible property damage, and the red cross has set up an evacuation center for residents. we have storm watch coverage for you all morning long. >> meteorologist rosemary looking at the wins this morning and when the system will be coming to a
8:07 am
close. it's been moving to the southeast. the north bay getting a break. as bill said, the urban areas and getting hit. >> it's sliding south. as it does, that's exactly where we see it. the winds continue to blow. we are getting with pretty good. oakland 32 miles per hour, but gusts near 40. little more reporting 24 miles per hour. in fairfield, 16 miles per hour. this wind is coming from the south, which means crossing those bridges this morning definitely going to see the high wind warnings. you will definitely be holding tight to the wheel. 36 miles per hour. maybe a little bit of an improvement, but still a very tough ride out there. slick roads, heavy rain, and the gusts are going to continue. 40-mile per hour gusts at this time. napa 30. napa had actually reached 53- mile per hour gusts earlier down into the south they took a little
8:08 am
while but gusts have really picked up. 29 miles per hour reported in san jose. when advisory will last for the post as well as the hills lasting until about 10:00. for some of us until about noon time. this one is living through right now. as it does, it's bringing along the wind. once this front passes through, the winds died down. over the north bay where the rain is steady but later at this time, the winds are beginning to die down. let me bring you through this. a talk in this morning. through 9:00 it will still be with us. as we get into 10:00, scattered showers around the bay area. still getting hammered pretty good. by noontime, 1:00 or so, we are breaking away to partly cloudy skies over the north bay. scattered showers in the forecast. we are looking at pretty good conditions into the afternoon by the second half of the day. as we get you through the morning hours, we continue to bring live coverage. we want to head to richmond where christian cast and continues our team coverage. i think this and has a live shot just found.
8:09 am
we will get back to kristin and just a moment. >> there are also several accidents throughout the bay area this morning. i want to give you a look at some of the freeways. check out those yellow triangles. they will show you where there are problems. dealing with things like spin outs, multiple car accident. on the bottom of the screen come up to 80 a fatal accident there early. that's marked in red on the bottom of the screen. a person died in a two-car wreck. it always bears repeating if you are headed out onto the roads this morning. give yourself some extra time to get to your destination. >> a lot of power outages to report this morning. pg&e says 20,000 customers are without power in sonoma and the santa rosa region. in san francisco, 8500 customers need their power restored. in the north bay, that 6400 customers. those numbers could go up even more as the system moves to the south. the peninsula is 1300. and in east bay, 1200. >> and you are hearing and
8:10 am
seeing why there are power outages in the no-space and all across the bay area. howling winds have not done numerous trees and power lines throughout cities in the bay area. wind gusts have been clocked as high as 45 miles per hour this morning. >> rosemary and bill both with us here this morning. let's start with bill in the weather center for a look at how things are going right now. >> i tell you what, it's an intense storm. you guys are very local. >> is huge. >> ñ the thing is not selling. we've been seeing it going to the south and east. >> well, that deal couple days ago stalled out too. what's happening now is the thing is progressing through. as it does, we see a flood warning. actually, the flood warning should be dropped for cinema and napa county. i've talked to those in the north bay.
8:11 am
i've talked to a number of people. at this front has gone through, as it hit this morning on what's going on, the front is going through and the winds are dying. the rainfall rates are dying down to. that's a good. here's a live camera shot. i've seen this camera where it is mounted. they both these things down. that's a big deal. we've got wind gusts at 53 miles per hour. wind gusts in the 40-mile per hour range. look how small those cars are going. what you were seeing on the bay area highway, it is truly a treacherous travel morning out there. we will go to the roof camera. we'll show you more pictures. i think it suffice to say if your business outside today and driving about, you may want to try to avoid it and not be driving around in the next couple hours. urban and small stream flood advisory has been issued for the bay area. right now you see this area moving through some of our heavily populated seas. all morning it's been in the north bay. there's been a lot of people off it. most of the people live in these
8:12 am
areas. in the storm, it's occurring where you are. oakland, concord, richmond starting to get a break. san mateo. the storm reports of trees down, power outages. reports of heavy rainfall. let's do this real quick. the storm reports have really paid off this morning. he's just pop in, so i don't know what i'm going to get every time. we've had some interesting reports of debris flows. woodside we had some wind damage. we've got wind damage in hillsboro. 61-mile per hour gusts in hillsboro. let's check out here by the airport. we've got 50-mile per hour gusts. let's go over to the east bay out by mission peak. we've got 63-mile per hour winds. again, these are actual meteorologist or trained weather observers who are making these reports. these are just your run-of-the- mill people. these are the ones that were telling. the storm reports appear, when i got into this area, watch what
8:13 am
i'm getting. i haven't seen these before. reports of wind damage in windsor. it's right here. there's a flooding in windsor. the free flow in windsor. debris flow is a big deal. that means the rain was coming down. that's how we knew this morning it was happening. it was game on. an actual observer of there. they've got a flood. significant rainfall events throughout the bay area right now. let's check out one more just up here by oakland. we are kind of by the richmond area. let's see what's happening in san ramon. a debris flow. that's new. i haven't seen that one. 7:59. what does that mean? i picture those critics starting to run, branches coming down, the whole bit. this is real-time information coming in from trained observers. what you're seeing right now some of the heaviest rain moving through the bay area. i will bring rosemary in right now if i can. we've been watching it all
8:14 am
morning. the thing that strikes me is how few cars are out on the road. people are heeding advice and not going out. >> heard you say before that, of course, but to poverty around the bay area, we are equipped to take on a lot of rain. that area is saturated. this is the third and final system that is now coming into fruition with all the fears we were having. >> our big concern now is as you look at the wind gusts, obviously, the urban two small stream flood advisory's just issue. we've got the flood warning in the petaluma area. our concern now as you look at the wind gusts are going to be as this moves through and progresses, which it should be done through the bay area, and other creeks and the temperatures start in the mainstream reverence. certainly, the russian river. that's an extraordinary mile.
8:15 am
the napa river, somewhere around 1:00 or 2:00, they could reach a flood stage or just above flood stage. the river becoming the story as the system progresses through. >> we are being pounded now. still to come for some of our rivers, let's take a look at some of the winds blowing in and around oakland. 32 miles per hour. it has really been gusting in your area this morning. i can imagine you can probably hear those or perhaps needing a window shaking. these are the sustained winds. the gusts reach 50 miles per hour at times. winds reached 63 miles per hour. xd 3 miles per hour near millbrook. gusting to about 52 earlier this morning. these winds are coming from the south meaning this direction
8:16 am
you're crossing over those bridges. the bay bridge, the richmond, but san mateo. if you have to be out his morning, be prepared to be hit from the side. these winds are coming in from the south. 47 in some areas. 30 miles per hour in livermore. the stones was coming with the heaviest rain. wind advisories busting through 10:00. at noontime for other areas. there is some light at the end of the tunnel. we are dealing with the heaviest rain, the strongest winds this morning by about 9:00 or so. it's moving through the south bay. 10:00 or 11:00, scattered showers tapering off. we will actually see some sunshine by the second half of your sunday. hard to believe that it's coming. giving you a look at the extended forecast. numbers are not budget will allow. 50s and low 60s at this hour. monday, tuesday, wednesday, not a lot of change what editors but we did a pretty nice break sunday
8:17 am
afternoon into monday. partly cloudy skies. a weak system for an possibility of showers early tuesday wednesday. dry on thursday. back to you. >> we continue our team coverage of the storm this morning. we take you outside for a live look at the san mateo bridge. what, windy, and too many incidents to actually mention. there are problems out there. we are following all of them for you. more interest in it. -- more in just a minute. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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>> welcome back. the morning to you. a lot of work from our roof cam
8:20 am
over oakland. it is a soggy, windy start to the morning. we got temperatures sitting at the low 60s outside your door. wind gusts reaching 68 -- bridging 34 miles per hour. >> the storm blowing through cause a large tree to split in half and fall onto lorenzo overnight. it happened around 3:00 this morning. the tree fell on top of a fence and walked one of the northbound lanes. rosemary in chief meteorologist bill martin here with us this morning. they give you your complete for just coming up in just a few minutes. we continue our storm coverage with christian. he is live in the city of richmond. telling us that some power lines are down. >> yeah, that's right, mike. this is the other big problem. you've been talking about those traffic issues. all throughout the bay area. earlier we were at the san rafael bridge telling you about the overturned big rig. take a look here. we are actually just off the
8:21 am
richmond parkway at gertrude. you can see that the weather is not down as telephones -- or this utility line. it's completely off of its base here. crews are telling us that they believe that this line is still energized. that's one of the reasons why we are so far back, we certainly want to -- we certainly wouldn't want to put ourselves in jeopardy. if you take a look, there is another powerline, another utility pole, that is winning. crews who say that they are not sure how that one is doing. that very well could come down as well. the good news is that pg&e only has a dozen or so customers affected by this particular poll being down. a few businesses in the area. as you can see, that utility crew has shut down gertrude going north past north richmond. you might be able to see a neighborhood over in that area. that is a north richmond neighborhood here. we are hearing that they have power in that neighborhood. this particular poll being down does not affect them.
8:22 am
crews are working to repair the poll. you can see a replacement hole already on scene. crews are going to wait until this line is the energized and until it is safe to move in. they will try to replace that utility pole. no word on when that will happen. we are hearing that crews are going to bring a big repair truck into this area within the next five to 10 minutes to begin that process of deenergizing this line and repairing and replacing a poll that used to stand here. this is the thing that you can find throughout the bay area as the storm blows through. trees bring down these utility poles or sometimes a car crash. that was one of the issues that pg&e said they didn't know if this was caused by a vehicle striking the poll or if it was a direct result of the wind blowing that pull over. either way, the end result is that pull it down. a dozen utility customers down without power at this time. crews will arrive here to
8:23 am
officially begin the repair on this within the next five to 10 minutes. we will keep an eye on the scene here and on scene similar to this throughout the bay area. live in richmond, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> 40 minutes from now the storm will start backing up flights. the duty manager says the airport will begin a program to control the flow of some flights beginning at 9:00 a.m. they say arrivals could be delayed an hour or more. no problems at last check. that could change. make sure to check in with airlines. you need to sneak away from your tv. don't forget, complete weather coverage on that includes interactive radar right on your phone. >> welcome back. tracking a powerful storm through the area. the latest just into the weather center. we've got a flash flood warning that has been dropped in at the answer normal colony where
8:24 am
these pictures have been taken from. that's the napa river. the national weather service has just issued a flash flood warning for the santa cruz mountains. as this went down, santa cruz mountains goes up. as the system progresses. look at this river. it's coming up. the rain has died down. the length of died down but the rain has died down also. the rivers and creeks that feed this river are continuing to feed it. the river levels at napa at this bridge are expected to go above flood stage early this afternoon. you can tell there is stuff going upstream. when you see the debris coming down, look at the logs and things floating down the street. when you see that, you have major rain showing up in parts of the northbay. it's dropping tree logs, dropping trees branches. it's a big deal. the story is developing. even though the rain has ended in napa and santa rosa -- not ended, but i down -- we see those main rivers creeping up.
8:25 am
a flood warning in effect for the santa cruz mountains. that's a big deal. here's what i've noticed in the last hour. this system is picking up speed. it has spent a little bit of time in the northbay. a couple hours up there this morning. well, longer than that. it's starting to progress. that's the good news. that's kind of the big story for us. the flood warnings for santa cruz mountains. this system is starting to move on. as that happens, we move to the rivers of the northbay because that's the next big story. i don't think we see major flooding up there. we are going to see you get to monitor state and above. when we come back, latest updates on all of the weather sucked. back to clogging. >> thank you. a 24:00. the new cell in the mountains is welcomed for many skiers and snowboarders, but it's also causing major problems. we will let you know what caused many skiers are as to shut slopes.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> the storm system has brought more than 30 feet of new snow too many tahoe ski resorts. several resorts had to shut down because of dangerous conditions. heavenly, sugar bowl, and mount rose all decided not to open slopes because of high winds and sugar bowl has announced it will stay closed until december 7th because of the storm. >> a 27:00. we are continuing to follow the storms with live team coverage. >> outside our doors, the brain continues to dump over the bay
8:29 am
area. limbs continue to blow. we bring the very latest coming up in just a few moments. . what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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8:31 am
the >> the rivers and creeks are all rushing and people on high alert this morning as another storm is found in the bay area right now. good morning and welcome back. it is sunday, december 2nd. >> and i am clogging long. we are on storm watch. our big story is the rain and the mess a-alpha. we have downed trees and several accidents. 1002 reporter kristin live were powered lines are down. >> reporter: that's the other big issue. we've been talking about traffic, but this is the other thing that you need to watch out for. we are at the richmond parkway
8:32 am
gertrude in north richmond. you can see the utility pole has gone completely down. crews were telling me as a just a few minutes ago, this line was still energized, so they definitely wanted us to keep our distance. grooms are also maintaining a distance so they can be sure that this line has been turned off. if you take a look to the left, the other area of concern is this other utility pole. you can see that that is also leaning a bit to the right. crews are not sure if that pull is going to hold. pg&e crew on scene with a replacement utility pole. there is a little bit of good news out of all of this. if you take a look to the left, there is a neighborhood here in north richmond. crews are telling me that that neighborhood does still have power, despite the fact that this utility pole is out.
8:33 am
they say the transmission lines are running to the north. this neighborhood that you are looking at still has power. he could see that gertrude road shut down at this point. they certainly don't want anyone driving to the area. although, that neighborhood to have power. they tell me that about a dozen or so customers down this road do not have power at this time. that is a common theme throughout the bay area as these usually pulls comes down. as you can see in this situation, the poll coming down at home. not clear if the wind actually brought that pull down or if a truck or another vehicle hit that pole. that's one of the possibilities that the crews told me about. again, crews are on scene ready to repair this one. we are hearing that the preparer could in the next five to 10 minutes. we will monitor the situation throughout the bay area as the storm rolls through. one final. we can tell you that we are starting to see less rain. 10 or 20 minutes ago it was dumping on us. now it has started to move
8:34 am
forward to a trickle or light rain. that's certainly some good news. the wind also starting to die down. then, certainly, some good news as the storm moves through the bay area. we are live in richmond. channel 2 news. >> well, the river is expected to crest of our morning. we are keeping an eye on that. people haven't really been selling that many sandbags when you compare it to a town like napa, but lots of people talking about that potential. many people are choosing to stay and wait and see what happens with the river today. >> everybody's talking about it. everyone is talking up. this is minor. >> back in 1986, the russian river the national weather service predicted will be as high as 32
8:35 am
and a half feet tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. flood stage is 32 feet. >> new information about a ceiling collapse at the roseville galleria shopping mall. we were told that a volunteer bell ringer was injured yesterday. it happened at the entrance to jcpenney. the woman was transported to the hospital but should make a full recovery. investigators are checking to see if heavy rainfall caused that collapsed. the malls owners is the entrance is closed for her peers but the mall itself will be open today. >> rosemary and bill are here this morning. we want to start with bill in the weather center. mike and i have been looking at these gauges. you have said it's when to start going down. it looks like they're fat is starting to drop. >> up to 12 feet. those are small stem the rivers. the court has to come down fast. a little slower movement. we've been talking about it in the weather center.
8:36 am
the storms have been moving throughout the morning. storm reports pop out. i'm seeing flood reports and debris. this is how i know. i can see the radar and say it's raining hard. when you get people on the ground telling you what they are getting, so mark gave me a call. he had to be in the north they. he's talking about heavy rain, torrential rain. steve paulson called in and said, we've got major rain. he's in his favorite now. he says, it's coming down. to get these guys to react, to get meteorologists to react, it's a big deal. heavy rain moving south into fremont and san jose. so what i've done and these have been very helpful all morning, the storm reports. first of all, you see the yellow. you see the major activity. the back edge of it leaving san francisco. this thing has start up in the last hour or so. as we look at the storm reports, they are very telling. let's go to this one right here in san jose. we are looking at a
8:37 am
nonunderstrength wind gusts. 80 miles per hour. these are not just your average -- these are trained observers coming up with 80-mile per hour gusts. what was going on up on the hill. boulder creek. a debris flow. to get a debris flow, you must have major ring events. in boulder creek, if that were now, they still have more ring to go through. they will see more problems. let's go. see what happens. so you are getting the picture. he's just pop up. i haven't really read these before him, so pardon me if there's a bit of a delay. 63-mile per hour wind gusts in the east foothills. when you come in closer and pick that up. we can see exactly where we are. you see that heavy rain out in san jose. extremely heavy rain right now. my areas of concern, palo alto. you are going to see trees down, pulling on the roadways. this is significant rainfall. perhaps a half-inch to an inch of rain per hour in the heaviest
8:38 am
locations. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning. a flash flood warning is a big deal. it was issued until 8:00 for sonoma and napa counties. here's a flash flood warning for petaluma along the creek where we had problems yesterday. in rosemary, -- and rosemary has been watching this all morning. if this thing slows down and stops, that's what happened a few years ago when we had the big flood. >> could be in trouble. after various. it is really kicking up some action as it moves through. areas of the northbay, the lightning continues to fall. the winds, although they are breezy, have pretty much turned off. thus have done -- gusts have gone down. areas reporting 44-mile per hour
8:39 am
gusts. ocean beach is 33. we continue into the late morning. by the evening hours, we will actually be dry with partly cloudy skies. then our attention will turn to the rivers because that will come later. the russian river and the napa river expected to crest or go above flood stage by later today into tonight and perhaps tomorrow morning. giving you a look at the latest. again, considerably dropping off. the napa had reached 53 miles per hour gusts earlier today. you can see the difference there. 13 in oakland. dropped off considerably. you can see the heavier bands of rain moving through and across the bay. an inch or so falling at times per hour. 29 at sfo this morning.
8:40 am
delete at sfo this morning. gus are stronger than this. anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour. fairfield reporting 40-mile per hour gusts. gusts of 49. you get the gist here. we are slowly watching this pool to the softening. by the afternoon, we will be in the clear. here we are in 8:00 hour. winds gusting to 20, 30, even 40 at times. the northbay looking pretty good. still over the bay area about 11:00 or 12:00. the winds are going down over the south bay. as we get into the second half of the afternoon, we are actually in pretty good shape. we actually see some sunshine by the second half of the afternoon. rainfall totals attracted for the area, anywhere from three to 6 inches for the santa cruz mountain area. we have a flash flood warning lasting through about 10:00 for
8:41 am
the santa cruz area. one to three around the bay area. the northbay perhaps two to five for some of those letter spots. 7 inches is a possibility. we'll continue to track this for you through the morning hours. york center for kids coming up in just a bit. >> stepping away from the storm to bring you other news. a new chapter in the oscar grant case unfolding tomorrow. grant was killed by a bart police officer at the bart station in the early hours of new year's day 2009. at 9:00 tomorrow morning, to oakland civil rights attorneys will argue before that appeals court in san francisco that the bart police officers should not receive legal immunity against a civil suit. a federal judge last year ruled that the civil case should go to trial. >> the bay area feeling the impact of a strike at the ports of los angeles and long beach. at least one cargo ship destined for southern california diverted to oakland overnight. that's because they walked off
8:42 am
the job to support clerical workers. more cargo ships are parked waiting to come in. some may be forced to come to deliver their goods. >> there may be a few ships that come to oakland. most of those are ones that normally make the call here anyway. >> contract talks with clerical workers are set to resume this morning, which is the fifth day of the strike. basic terminal operators have outsourced turtledoves, but the shippers say that's not true. the ports in los angeles and long beach are the busiest ports in the state. >> the raiders host the cleveland browns today. because the game is not a sellout, it will be blacked out here on tv. omar gaither will get his first start as a member of the raiders. the linebacker suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. if there is a seven-year nfl veteran who signed with oakland a few weeks ago. the niners playing the rams in a rematch of the november 11th game. the nfl's first time in four years. it's also the game or alex smith suffered a concussion. he left the game and has not played
8:43 am
since. big wins against the bears and saints. smith has been medically cleared to play. cap renate is now starting his third straight game. the niners and rams kickoff at 10:00 this morning. you can see that being right here on channel 2. we will end this program at 9:00 to bring you the nfl sunday pregame show after the rams play. >> 8:42. detroit mayor is making a stop in san francisco today. how he plans to make good on the world series wager two sentences go mayor ed lee. >> town and city leaders meeting to attest the water levels. what they are expected to do today. >> and we have southbound. a live look at the san mateo bridge.
8:44 am
slow across highway 92 just getting pounded by this new story making its way south through the bay area on a sunday morning. the clock said 8:43. you are watching mornings on 2.
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. good morning. i live look at the soggy start over walnut creek this morning.
8:47 am
from that live picture, the winds don't look too bad at the moment. they do continue to gusts and we have just got word of a flash flood warning for the western section of murder in. we are talking close to areas near kentfield and along the creek. bill will have the very latest coming up in a moment. >> our top story of the morning is the storm. flooding is expected for some rivers across the state. allie rasmus is live in napa where people are on alert. what's happening? >> reporter: we are at veterans memorial park. yesterday city officials set up the staircase. "as a percussion in case this area get some flooding later today. why are concerned about that question because this park is next to the napa river. you see it flowing next to us. the water levels are pretty high right now. water is flowing pretty fast. there's a lot of visible debris . if you take a look to the left, you can see the current of the water in the river moving pretty quickly. there is also a lot of debris
8:48 am
visible in the water. brush and heavy branches being carried along. right now city and county emergency officials are meeting to go over the latest rain totals and creek levels and figure out what to do should the water levels here at the napa river reach the flood stage. now, the effect happens, the first area that that will be hit is near oakville avenue, which is primarily an agricultural area about 5 miles north of the downtown area. some of the side streets could also be flooded. an hour ago we didn't see any visible street flooding. emergency officials with the city and county are meeting to prepare for what they should do later today. >> we don't think the city of napa is going to see the river out of it thanks for napa creek. that being said, there are been some low-lying areas.
8:49 am
i just drove through a spot on highway 29 where i saw some signs up showing the intersection had been flooded. >> mr. martin pointed out that flooding on highway 29 could be because of some of the storm drains getting backed up, not necessarily because of the water levels at the river. taking a look at this fence along the river, you can see normally it is planted on the ground on the banks of the river but you can see the water has almost come up over the top of it. connie and city emergency officials are watching the water levels very closely. the flood in napa river is about 25 feet. again, they are meeting to figure out if that's going to happen and kind of reassess what the water levels in the creek levels are to figure out what the plan is for later today. channel 2 news. >> thanks. bill martin joining us now to take a look at things. i know it's still going but
8:50 am
we've been talking about these creek levels approaching 13 feet right now. you said it should drop starting pretty quickly. >> you mentioned the upper creek on fairfax. the gauges are coming down. typically, those are the feeder areas. so they should be getting a break. as they get a bit of a break, hopefully, we have a new flood warning or flash flood warning. these are big deals. this one has gone up. what's happening is the high tide is coming in. this water is rushing out, even though the rain has died down and the winds have died down. they are starting to get some backup. they've got a flash flood warning until 10:00. there is a flash flood warning near penn grove park in the petaluma area as well. there's a flash flood warning
8:51 am
in the santa cruz mountains. that's a big deal. as in urban and small stream flood advisory until 10:00 for san francisco, oakland, san jose. the big cities under a flash flood advisory. things are starting to pop as it's very aggressive. let me put it in motion. this very aggressive, very powerful storm is looking through the bay area. the fortunate thing is it's backing through. something just catches my eye here when i look at the storm reports real quick. pardon the mess on the map. we're just kind of getting this as it comes in. i'm going to stop it. what i'm picking up here, we were talking about the creek along this area here. this isn't good. this is the main stuff here. it's going to the bay area proper. this is in that area. this is heavy rainfall that could give us some increased rises on that creek. let's go in real close to you. let's see the impact. i know what it is. so this is heavy rain falling
8:52 am
in this area where the flood warning has been issued. flash flood warning has been issued. let's talk a little line. this is in or fell. kind of runs right down through here. these are the headwaters up in here. those are the areas that are receiving the heaviest rain right now. if we have any live pictures, maybe we could go to those. the roadways have been a mess. a wind advisory remains in effect. flash flood warnings in effect for parts of kent. i'm getting reports of rain dying down in these north able patients. that's helpful but we have heavy rain continuing as we move into the south bay. wind advisory up. flash flood warnings. santa cruz mountains, flash flood mountains. the petaluma near penn grove where we had problems are couple days ago. we are seeing it all happen right now. look at the roadways. in the hall you noted his nasty out there? look at the cars. they are not going fast. it's windy and there is a lot
8:53 am
of water on the roadways. this is a fast-moving storm moving out of the area pretty rapidly. i'd suspect in the next hour or 45 minutes, i think the heaviest rain should be through. only focus on the river. we are going to be tracking this all day. the rivers are going to have some big rises. so there's a lot to take in all at once. the things moving through. it's going to get better but we are seeing heavy rain and a flood warning for the mountains. back here in a little bit. >> thanks for breaking it down. detroit mayor dave bing is in san francisco to make good on his world series wager with san francisco mayor ed lee. the giants of the titles to win the world championship. the two mayors bound that the winner would perform community service in the opposing city.
8:54 am
but onto at&t park for another tour along with 25 members of the junior giants baseball program. >> 8:53. the storm is having an impact on bay area beaches. just how high the waves are expected to get and how long it's all expected to last. (car horn)
8:55 am
paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> the coast guard is sending a warning for people who live near or who are planning to visit bay area beaches today. that one is in effect for the entire clutch of california. large waves expected to palm
8:57 am
beach is in some areas. good idea to stay away from them today. >> kind of a wild last couple of hours as it makes its way from the north bay into the peninsula. a great job breaking it all down but we are not out of it yet. >> i'm glad we had the opportunity to take team. >> the big deal is as we talked, these flash flood warnings keep popping up. they are a big deal. they are popping up more and more. >> santa cruz mountains, we've got a portion of marin. a warning means it's going to have been. it's pretty imminent. >> is going to happen. as we go into the next 35 minutes, i suspect we get a situation as it moves to the south bay. i think we are going to start seeing some of those flash flood warnings pop-up. >> and maybe going off air for a little bit, but we are not leaving. we'll be watching. do we have a minute bus ride we
8:58 am
want to show the future cast? i will show you what we do expect and how fast we are hopefully going to see this exit the area by into the 9:00 hour. you see the heavy rain continuing by 10:00 or so it into the south bay, via london scattered showers in the forecast, and then for the afternoon scattered showers but take a look at the north bay. by noontime, partly cloudy skies for you. we will see a little bit of sunshine for the second half of the day. our attention will turn to the rivers. >> that is our report for this morning. thank you for trusting us. >> we've got the 49ers game right here next. of course, we are going to watch is for you from our center. we have coverage 24/7 on thanks for staying with us this morning. stay safe out there. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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